Summer Solstice I

Summer Solstice I


An original unframed abstract collagraph print inspired by the plants found in gardens and meadows at the height of summer, silhouetted against the sun and moon.


Printed on acid free Pearl Grey Stonehenge 250gsm paper.

Print measures: 7” width x 9.5". (print size.) Paper size is 8.25”x 11.5"

  • About a Collagraph Print

    Collagraph blocks are made by layering various textures, then adding varnish and finer detail is added by scratching into the varnish. Then the block is ready to be inked, which is a slow process of adding ink and wiping away excess ink and burnishing in order to capture the final detail. 

    Finally the block is printed on to thick, damp printing paper and put through an etching press. Where the inks and textures are embedded into the paper this gives collagraph prints a unique embossed feel.