Sienna and Sunshine Scrunchie

Sienna and Sunshine Scrunchie


Handmade patchwork hair scrunchie made from fabric pieces too small for our headbands. Can be worn in a ponytail or over a bun. Each piece is unique with only one available in each design.


Made from the same striped vintage linen used for the Sienna headband and crisp soft golden yellow cotton creating the perfect summer accessory.


Fabric width measures 5cm approx.


The elastic used inside each scrunchie is manufactured in Austria and made from organic cotton and natural rubber that was harvested without the use of child labour in Malaysia. Making it a humanitarian and eco-friendly alternative to conventional elastic.


Hair scrunchies are better for your hair than conventional hair elastics as they don’t pull on your hair as much. Many of our scrunchies are also made of silk which naturally prevents frizz and your hair drying out.