Pink Art Deco Ginko Leaf

Pink Art Deco Ginko Leaf


A pure wool new beret in sorbet pink, that has been lovingly hand embroidered with a design of Ginko Leaves. The Ginko leaves have been embroidered in varying shades of gold and bronze, contrasted with soft deco green and yellow to create the fine veins of the leaf. In between the leaves are budding seed heads which have been embroidered in pale gold, and brown for the stalks; to create an art deco inspired composition.


This beret fits a standard size 22” head circumference

  • About Our Embroidered Berets

    All our berets are designed and hand sewn by Araminta. They are made with great care and passion in very stitch. Each hat is a bespoke one off composition; a wearable work of art. You will not find another one like it.

    All our berets are 100% wool.

    If you have a beret you would like embroidered with one of our designs or would like a design created jut for you, please get in touch via the contact page as we do take commissions.