For our very first blog post we wanted to share abit about some of the pieces we have been working on during lockdown and show some of the process behind the pieces.

We have found a lot of inspiration in the small woodland near our home, where we have been going for our daily exercise each day. Caitlin has produced a series of Lino cut’s of common wild flowers found there and a beautiful hand painted silk scarf. The latter inspired by the vivid green leaves of Beech trees in early spring and the patchwork effect of the blue sky filtering through the green leaves. We thought we’d share with you an insight in to the creative process.

This piece has been painted entirely by hand, firstly the black branches were painted in then once dry, copper Gutta was applied to create the outlines of the leaves. This was all painted free hand creating spontaneous organic forms.

Once the outlines were dry Caitlin added the bright, zingy tones of green for the leaves, three different tones were used to give the effect of light and shadow and the veins of the leaves were added once the base colour was applied, time consuming work.

Once the leaves were all painted in and dry Caitlin started on the background filling in the spaces between the leave shapes with four subtle tones of dove grey, soft cool blue, violet to capture the effect of the sky above the leaves creating the feeling of looking through a stain-glass window. Some areas were also left white, to give the feel of flickering light through the leaves.

Once the painting was finished and dry it was then fixed by ironing before the scarf was washed to soften the paints into the fabric then once dry given a final press.

We hope you like this scarf as much as we do.

The Window of Spring scarf is available now on our website and is £65.00

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